Improve pediatric outcomes through heightened engagement and adherence

A measurement-based care platform that increases parent/child treatment adherence resulting in quicker time-to-remission, higher discharge rates, and shorter waitlists for families

Trusted by health systems, clinics, and families everywhere

Deliver care faster and more effectively

Automate Treatment
Setup & Monitoring
Spend less than 5 minutes inputting treatment plans into Joon and track progress outside of therapy
Engage Families Outside of Sessions
Grant families access to Joon to increase treatment follow-through and support clients between sessions
Unlock Additional Revenue
Bill to a new set of RTM CPT codes that fall under new remote therapeutic monitoring care

How Joon Health works

Step 1
Input your treatment goals for children and parents into Joon

Automate treatment progress tracking

Starting with the clinician, we first turn analog treatment goals into live, measurable treatment plans that can be tracked outside of therapy sessions.

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Step 2
We integrate the treatment goals into an easy-to-use parent app

Deliver an engaging parent experience

For parents, these goals become homework that is seamlessly integrated into their daily routines via a mobile app. Busy parents no longer forget about tracking and maintaining paper behavior charts & reward systems.

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Step 3
And we turn the treatment goals into a video game for the child

Make treatment fun for kids

For the child, it's a universe where leveling up in the game means being consistent with real-life behaviors, driving long term engagement and positively reinforcing behavior change. All progress that the child makes syncs in real-time to the parent and clinician accounts.

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Step 4
Monitoring everything that happens outside of therapy

Real-time treatment monitoring & reporting

Behind the scenes, clinicians and parents can see progress, surfacing deep insights into what's happening outside of therapy, who is following treatment and who isn't. Clinicians can leverage these insights to understand trends over time and harness never before seen data to treat patients more effectively.

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Multiple Ongoing Clinical Studies, including an RCT with NYU

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See what clinicians and families have to say.

Anabel Fernandez
Clinical Director & BCBA

The most pressing problem for me as a clinical director is parent adherence & getting parents involved with the treatment protocols. Holding the parents and children accountable which is exactly what Joon does. Parents can be very disconnected from the treatment process which all leads to the patient not improving in a timely manner.

Dr. Carrie Jackson
Practice Owner & LCP

I'm constantly on the lookout for new tools that can help my patients and Joon is one that has been absolutely life-changing. It's extremely easy to set up, manage, and monitor. The insights that the platform tracks outside of session helps me stay 100% informed and best prepare for follow-up sessions with famiies, ultimately leading to significantly faster discharge rates.

Hallie Ertel, Ph.D.
Clinical Director & BCBA

Prior to Joon, data was very variable because of delayed reinforcers and inconsistency from the parent. One thing I absolutely love about Joon is that it puts things in the parent’s hands and involved the parent. This has really upped the treatment integrity and accountability on the parent. It can be too common for parents to rely on ABA for techs to do everything.

Brandi Johnson
Parent of 2
Neurodivergent Children

Before Joon, I felt overwhelmed trying to manage my son's ADHD symptoms and keep him on track. Joon turned our struggles into a fun, rewarding process that my son looks forward to every day. I've seen a huge improvement in his behavior and his ability to do tasks independently. Plus, being able to communicate and coordinate directly with his care team through the app has been incredibly reassuring.

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