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Welcome to the Joon Health HIPAA Compliance Center. Joon Health is a digital therapeutic company created with the goal of building positive pediatric behavioral health outcomes. We believe deeply in transparency and the need for secure practices in this continuously evolving industry.

This page acts as an overview to demonstrate our commitment to compliance and security. Here you can find our certifications and view high level details on controls and protocols that we adhere to.


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Infrastructure Security

Encryption key access restricted
Unique account authentication enforced
Production application access retricted
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Organizational Security

Company inventory maintained
Password policy enforced
Anti-malware technology utilized
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Product Security

Data encryption utilized
Control self-assessments utilized
Data transmission encrypted
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Internal Security Procedures

Change management procedures
Configuration management system
Production deployment restrictions
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Data & Privacy

User data deleted upon request
Minimum necessary use and disclosure
Established patient access rights
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