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The all-in-one parent training and engagement platform for BCBAs

Collect parent ABC data, maximize parent training hours, and decrease BCBA non-billable hours spent preparing parent training programs with a single digital platform

Trusted by health systems, ABA clinics, and families everywhere

Enhance clinical quality and financial efficiency

Automate parent training program setup
Spend less than 5 minutes creating a parent training program with the most relevant videos, worksheets and strategies
Engage parents outside of sessions
Use a mobile-friendly digital app to automate parent training reminders and start collecting ABC data when no BCBA or RBT is present
Save 4-6hrs/wk of non-billable hours per BCBA
By fully automating parent training, each BCBA can save several hours per week in prep-work, resulting in more available billable time

How Joon Health works in ABA

Step 1
Create a custom parent training program in minutes

Leverage a robust parent training library

We first help BCBAs create a parent training program from our complete ABA resource library using evidence-based programs

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Step 2
We directly integrate the parent goals into an easy-to-use mobile app

Engage the parent right away

Through the app experience, parent goals, tasks and worksheets become seamlessly integrated into their daily routines. We do all the prompting and reminding so you can just start collecting data in real-time.

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Step 3
Start collecting ABC data and parent progress in real-time

Understand triggers for target behaviors

As parents become accustomed to using the program and logging incidents at home without a BCBA or RBT present, BCBAs will be able to see exactly what triggered target behaviors and which response strategies worked by the parent.

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Step 4
Automate progress tracking and graphing results

Improve treatment plans 3x faster

As treatment progresses, we chart everything and help BCBAs identify behavior patterns that the parents tracked on their end in order to update and improve the treatment plan as efficiently as possible. No more repeating parent training sessions to understand what happened over the last 10 days.

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Multiple Ongoing Clinical Studies, including an RCT with NYU

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See what BCBAs and families have to say

Anabel Fernandez
Clinical Director & BCBA

The most pressing problem for me as a clinical director is parent adherence & getting parents involved with the treatment protocols. Holding the parents and children accountable which is exactly what Joon does. Parents can be very disconnected from the treatment process which all leads to the patient not improving in a timely manner.

Hallie Ertel, Ph.D.
Clinical Director & BCBA

Prior to Joon, data was very variable because of delayed reinforcers and inconsistency from the parent. One thing I absolutely love about Joon is that it puts things in the parent’s hands and involved the parent. This has really upped the treatment integrity and accountability on the parent. It can be too common for parents to rely on ABA for techs to do everything.

Dr. Carrie Jackson
Practice Owner & LCP

I'm constantly on the lookout for new tools that can help my patients and Joon is one that has been absolutely life-changing. It's extremely easy to set up, manage, and monitor. The insights that the platform tracks outside of session helps me stay 100% informed and best prepare for follow-up sessions with families, ultimately leading to significantly faster discharge rates.

Brandi Johnson
Parent of 2
ASD Children

Before Joon, I felt overwhelmed trying to best support my son's ASD and keep him working towards his treatment goals. Joon turned our struggles into a fun, rewarding process that my son looks forward to every day. I've seen a huge improvement in his behavior and his ability to do skills independently. Plus, being able to view my progress as a parent and understand how far I've come has been extremely motivating.

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